Order Web Board Case Study

Enabling Masseria Restaurant to print UberEats Orders

Technical Summary:

  • End User: Masseria
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Product: Order Web Board for iOS and Epson m30/WiFi
  • Solution: Printing UberEats Orders on an Epson TM-m30/WiFi receipt printer

About Masseria

Masseria is a place where friends gather to enjoy the essence of Southern Italy. Whether it is lunch, dinner or a late evening bite, Masseria’s pizzas, appetizers, salads and desserts will surely delight one’s palate at any time. Located in heart of Toronto Canada, Masseria uses multiple online ordering systems to ensure that their customers have the ability to order from their favorite ordering service. UberEats is just one of these online ordering services that Masseria uses.

The Problem

Before Masseria reached out to Orderholic, Masseria would need to write down the orders from the iPad and pass them over to the kitchen staff for fulfilling. While UberEats does support printing, it would require Masseria to purchase another printer that would add to the multiple order printers they already had. When reaching out to Orderholic they were looking for a solution that would allow them to print UberEats ordersand share that printer with another online ordering service, or more.

The Solution

Order Web Board for iOS with an Epson TM-m30 /WiFi receipt printer was perfect for the situation.

Using Order Web Boardfrom Orderholic, Masseria could log into their UberEats account and see their order dashboard. When an order came in, just like before, they could press on the order and see the details. Order Web Board then has an option to print the order to 1 or 2 network connected printers. In the case of 1 printer, Order Web Board would be configured to print to the kitchen printer. In the case where there are 2 printers, typically the order is printed to the kitchen printer and to the printer at the cash. This is desired because, in general, not all items on the order can be fulfilled by the kitchen.

Order Web Board has the ability to print to any Epson POS printer that is network connected, but in the case of Masseria, the Epson TM-m30 with its multi interface, Bluetooth and Ethernet/WiFi, was used. UberEats Orders were printed through the WiFi interface and another online order system could share the printer and print using the Bluetooth interface.This helped to reduce the cost and footprint of solution.

The Outcome

The solution helped to dramatically increase the accuracy of the UberEats orders. By simply pressing the print button on the Order Web Board application, the order could be printed to the kitchen printer. Multiple copies were now possible.

Even though it is possible to fulfill orders by writing them down on paper, the restaurant staff were quick to point out how valuable it was and how much time Order Web Board and the Epson TM-m30 saved.


"Since the application has been installed we find that the orders are not missing each department, efficiency is up, less mistakes and overall great flow for our business. Once an order is received our attendant hits print and sends it to our kitchen where our expo/pivot organizes all orders. Overall satisfaction = 100% Happy!" commented Rino, Masseria District Manager.