How Orderholic Helped Masseria Save Time & Money

"Since the application has been installed we find that the orders are not missing each department, efficiency is up, less mistakes and overall great flow for our business. Once an order is received our attendant hits print and sends it to our kitchen where our expo/pivot organizes all orders. Overall satisfaction = 100% Happy!"

- Rino, Masseria Restaurant District Manager.

Working with Masseria Restaurant, we DESIGNED a CUSTOMIZED Order WebBoard solution which:


Without our customized design, if they wanted to print Uber Eats orders, Masseria would have to buy an extra dedicated printer at great cost, despite already owning several order printers. Orderholic created the Order WebBoard solution that incorporated Masseria's existing printers.


Using Masseria's existing printer not ony saved money, it also saved space, reduced complexity and reduced equipment maintenance.


Order WebBoard is configurable and flexible, can work with a range of printers and different types of connectivity, and can be shared by many types of online ordering systems.

We AUTOMATED a manual process, which:

SAVED TIME for Order Fulfillment

The online order is now sent directly to the kitchen staff by simply clicking on a button, replacing the old way of manually writing down the online orders and then physically sending them to the kitchen staff.


Our system significanty increased the accuracy of orders by avoiding mistakes that often arise from handwritten orders. No order papers are lost in transition.

Order Web Dashboard

Order Web Board

Designed to help with incoming Online Orders on third-party dashboards, Order Web Board can format and print orders to the receipt and kitchen printers.

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